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Magma Solidification Simulation Software

Introducing the newest addition to our extensive software suite, MAGMA Solidification Simulation. Adding MAGMA enhances our ability to meet each of our customers’ individual needs in a faster and more efficient manner.

For our foundry partners and customers, this means:

  • Reduction in lead time due to less gating and rigging modifications
  • Optimization of mold fill to include consideration of sand burn-in, gas porosity, shrinkage porosity, & misruns
  • Reduction in quality costs by avoiding casting defects
  • Maximizing manufacturability of a casting design in any phase of production – prototype, ramp up, production, ramp down, service & replacement castings

Our team of specialists have always been eager to help minimize risk, save time, and maximize efficiency. With the help of MAGMA solidification simulation software, we look forward to remaining on the cutting edge of technology and quality. Submit a request for a quote to see first hand how our expertise can serve you.

We can’t wait to show you how MAGMA solidification simulations can improve your casting projects.

mrose • October 31, 2013

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