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NWTC CNC Machining Open House

At Griffin Industries, we are constantly looking for new ways to inspire young minds to consider the path of manufacturing and innovation. However, last night it was the young minds that were inspiring us! Yesterday, members of our team had the pleasure of attending the NWTC CNC Machining open house. There we connected with former teachers and spoke with a number of passionate students. We were able to share our knowledge and expertise about manufacturing as well as some insight on entering the field. We also took the opportunity to promote the co-ops and student support programs we offer within our organization.

Chase Clover (pictured on the right) and the CNC Machining team at NWTC did an incredible job coordinating the event, allowing us to connect with a number of like-minded individuals. We look forward to watching this program continue to grow and hope to attend more of their events in the future!

mrose • January 26, 2022

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