Tooling Design

Where performance meets production.

Griffin Industries is always excited to work on a new prototype from a customer, because we thrive on their innovation and inventiveness. It is our role to honor that design and refine its elements from a manufacturability standpoint. Our team of experts specialize in identifying weak points and strengthening designs to maximize efficiency and quality. We work closely with our customers to maintain the integrity of the product.

CAD Design
Design Program Calypso by Zeiss
Design Program SOLIDWORKS
Autodesk Powermill

Programs Used For Design, Engineering, & Project Management

Since 1983, Griffin Industries has evolved as new technology has redefined the industry of manufacturing. Our team uses a variety of tried-and-true programs, along with cutting edge technology to create, test and enhance manufacturability and function.

Programs include:

ECI by JobBOSS, Creo, Calypso by Zeiss,  Autodesk Powermill, Surfcam, Magma, SOLIDWORKS, Geomagic DesignX

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