Griffin Industries strategically maintains open capacity to provide rapid turnaround when it matters most.

Next time you’re facing line down conditions, struggling with supplier follow through or just need an extra hand, contact Griffin Industries to assist with your rapid machining needs. Our team has spent decades maximizing efficiency to offer the best possible lead time in machining solutions. In an industry driven by reliability and performance, you shouldn’t stand for empty promises or missed deadlines. At Griffin Industries, we work with you as an extension of your team. Managing deadlines to maximize your success is our greatest priority.

Our skill set is best applied to:

If line down conditions or supplier quality are slowing you down, Griffin Industries can provide creative, timely solutions to get you back on track.

Griffin Industries has an extensive equipment list that enables us to support your low volume production needs.

Our team of experts can help enhance the speed and performance of your prototype design to get the best possible result.

When demand strikes after production, our team is well-equipped to support your service parts needs by manufacturing a small batch of machined castings or pulling from our inventory if available.

The skill set of our specialists align perfectly with providing full-service manufacturing solutions during ramp up and ramp down. Allow us to bridge the gap before and after mass production.

Griffin Industries has a vast number of resources and services that help us predict and overcome obstacles. Contact us to learn more about how our simulation software, vast network of foundry partners, advanced machining techniques, in-house quality control, and foundry tooling services could help you.

Griffin Industries is a proud full-service manufacturer. We can manage each step of production from foundry tooling, casting and raw material procurement, and cnc machining, all while running progress reports through our in-house quality lab. Our QC experts are overly demanding of themselves when it comes to precision and accuracy. They are equipped with top of the line technology and resources such as Ziess CMM verification, laser scanning, MAGMA solidification and more.

When it comes to hog outs and machined castings, our machining specialists have vast experience serving countless industries. Whether it’s suggesting minor design modifications to maximize manufacturability, pushing for faster setups or reducing the number of machining operations, we carefully review each step of production to maximize speed without sacrificing quality. Utilizing 4th and 5th axis machining capabilities, our team excels when faced with highly complex designs.

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