When working with Griffin Industries you can expect:

+ Low Tooling Cost

+ Fast Turnaround

+ Complex Geometry

+ Variety of Alloys

+ Superior Surface Finish

+ Thin Walled Castings

Griffin Industries specializes in rapid prototype and low volume production. Our services range from building foundry tooling, procuring castings in a wide variety of materials, and machining casting to their final form. With a focus on quality and speed, we can expedite the prototyping or ramp up process of a new design. Griffin Industries can prove out prototypes at a lower cost by utilizing sand casting in the early stages of production. Our team conducts in-process quality checks and can make necessary adjustments in real time. With over 40 years of experience, Griffin Industries has a refined process to provide high quality work in a fraction of the time.

We pride ourselves in utilizing the latest technology available to remain on the cutting edge. One example being our team’s hybrid approach, which combines traditional tooling methods with advanced 3D printing technology. The recent push in additive manufacturing has enabled our team to produce highly complex geometry with ease. Utilizing 3D printed sand enables us to reduce time spent building tooling and raise our standard for excellence.

Additionally, our team utilizes MAGMA Solidification Simulation to ensure a positive outcome from our castings. By virtually optimizing designs before metal is poured we can save time and minimize risk. With this software, our team of experts offer a systematic method to problem-solving and enhance the efficiency of the metal casting process.

Griffin Industries has the knowledge, experience, and technology to support your prototyping and low volume production needs. We encourage you to fill out the form below to join our network or schedule a virtual meeting with a member of our team to discuss how our skills could be of service to your business.

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