Being a family-owned business can certainly influence the dynamic of a workplace. At Griffin Industries, we lean into our firmly planted roots as a family business to strengthen the long lasting relationships with have with both customers and employees. It’s these lasting connections that have allowed us to stand out when compared to other local manufacturers. To give a deeper understanding of what being a family-owned business means to us, we’ve put together a short list of things that separate us from traditionally owed businesses.

#1 Not just family-owned, but family-focused

We understand that there may be times that your role as a father, mother, daughter, son, sister, bother, etc. needs to come first. At Griffin Industries, we want to facilitate support that will create success at both work and home. It is deeply engrained in our culture to care for those around us and this care extend to your personal life as well.

#2 Clearly defined company values

Being continually ran by members of the same family since our inception has allowed us to have a solidified view of our core values for decades. Though we remain open-minded to change, our primary goal is to carry on the legacy of the hardworking individuals that established this company’s strong foundation starting back in 1983. Over time, many companies may struggle to maintain consistency, unity, and collaboration. However, being a family business only helps our company culture grow stronger as time goes on, despite any obstacles we may face.

#3 We’ve got a huge hat collection

Our team-oriented work environment requires the majority of our staff to wear many hats. This provides greater variety in day to day tasks and creates more opportunities for collaboration between team members. This is great for someone who worries about feeling stuck in a rigid routine. Rather than being singularly defined by a title, we try to match tasks with people’s individual strengths to maximize efficiency and make work feel more rewarding for our team.


Think our values align with yours? Apply for an open position or send us an RFQ today. We would love to discuss how our family business could serve you!